Project FROG V2.0-2.2

Project FROG is a company that specialized in pre-manufactured buildings.  Their early foray into the market was though educational building and I was the project architect on the first installation of their version 1 model for the City College Child Development Center.   Their fourth installation was at Jacoby Creek School in Arcata California and I again was the project architect/project manager for their installation and configuration.  From this relationship, I was brought in by ProjectFROG to be a part of their development team for versions 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2.  I was the only architect on the team of which consisted mostly of product designers.  My responsibilities included permitting the buildings through the rigorous DSA pre-check process, and providing input on the design and manufacturing of the buildings from an architectural perspective.


Designed to be a better alternative to classroom trailers, these award winning buildings focused on user experience, erection speed, and sustainability.   A variety of innovative systems and components were brought together to achieve this goal.  The walls were constructed in modular panels of thermally broken metal studs and hat channels sandwiching rigid foam insulation.  A rain screen system was placed outside of this assembly for weather protection.  Roof were designed to accommodate PV panels or Green Roofs.  Large expanses of glass provided healthy natural light, with overhangs to reduce solar glare.   For  every component we designed we had to consider the impact on shipping, constructability, and potential for contributing towards LEED certification.   These highly technical buildings required much coordination between our consultants, suppliers, and installation team members to make sure that all the components were well integrated and satisfied the look and feel we were crafting.

FROG Composit