Mozilla Mountain View Headquarters

9882-2-3224909665-OThe Mountain View Headquarters was the fourth major Mozilla office I designed and the most sensitive.  As the headquarters the space symbolize the company moving from the heart of downtown Mountain View on Castro street, to a corporate office park nearly a mile away from the strip.  Mozilla a company which prizes itself on transparency, openness, communication and privacy wanted to reflect these value in both the design process and the end result.

9757-3-3224920098-OWe proposed an office wide engagement process where we solicited input from all 240 Mountain View employees.  Through the diverse approach of multiple all hands meetings, smaller focus groups, social media, on-line surveys and physical usage surveys, we effectively created a dialog providing a voice for all.  Our careful guidance of this process allowed us to achieve thorough user buy-in on the design decisions.


The resulting design is the outcome of this engagement process.  The overall design was driven by a desire to reflect the transparency of the company while providing privacy where possible.  A key feature embodying this principle was the large glass wall separating the “commons” from the entry lobby.  A two story high channel glass wall divides these spaces providing both privacy, while the resulting blurred motion seen through the glass provides a sense of connection.

In the workspaces the results of the user engagement process reflected in right-sized conference rooms for privacy with open seating and adjustable desks throughout.  To improve sound absorption, acoustic clouds float in an undulating landscape above the desks.  Key elements such as phone rooms and stairs are used as design features throughout the space to separate the vast open desk areas into smaller neighborhoods while preserving the flexibility and feel of an open office.  A variety of collaboration and independent work spaces are provided to better meet the demands of users with diverse needs.

And this is the educational video demonstrating some of the features of the space to the Mozillians.